Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Helps Me Sleep.

I said in one of my previous post that I was going to share an app with nature sounds that I use to sleep. I live on the first floor towards the front of the building. So you can hear every noise you can imagine. The train station is 3 minutes away from here so there are always people passing by at all times of the day. In addition to the people who are always in the street jodiendo until late at night. The app is called Lightning Bug. It's Free and it brings a start up pack with three ambience. You can add six more packs for free. Each pack brings five to six different ambience sounds! If you want to add more packs, they cost from .99¢ to $1.99. I downloaded the free ones and I purchased the forest  pack. Worth the money!

Here is a video I made to show how it works. My cell phone can be a bit slow, sorry about that. If you decide to download it make sure you read the comments first so you know what type of problems other people have had with their cell phones. I, so far haven't had any problems, besides the force close every now and then. That is due to my phone not having a lot space since Metro PCS decided they were going to fill the cell phone's internal memory with junk that can't be removed. However, you can save this app to the SD card, thank God. Wish all the apps were like that!

Anyway, you are probably wondering what the photo below has to do with this post. That's a photo for a photo challenge I'm doing this month. Day 18 is looking down. This picture was taken at Central Park a few years back. What a beautiful day it was!

Day 18 - Looking Down
Day 18  - Looking Down

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