Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 17 & Day 18 - March Photo Challenge

This is day 17 and day 18 of my March Photo Challenge. I'm two days behind though. My daughter takes the camera almost every time she goes out so it's hard for me to take pictures when I need to. Grrr. Tomorrow I might go out so I'm going to try to take pictures of all the themes coming up. People might look at me like I'm loca, but oh well. After all this is New York. Anything can happen, verdad que sí?

After not renting movies for about 5 months, I got tired of the same old movies Netflix has streaming. They really need to get more recent movies into their streaming service. You can say about 80% of their streaming service is indie movies and tv shows. The rest is old movies and about 1% of recent movies. The latest movie I watched streaming was The Lincoln Lawyer, great movie! I was so happy to see something recent streaming. They are adding Melancholia soon, can't wait! Love Kirsten Dunst.

Over the weekend we rented, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Hugo. So far we have seen Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it was good! Just when I thought the  movie couldn't get any good it got better. Mis hijos didn't wanted to see it at first, especially my son but then after I kept showing him some parts he finally decided to see it. So I started the movie all over again for both of them. They loved it. Apart from the violence, it is a movie the whole family can watch. Wouldn't recommend it for little ones, but that's up the parents.

Day 17  - Work  Lasagña, a lot of work to make, but oh so good after it is done!
Day 17 - Work
Day 18 - Looking Up  I can't remember if this was in Manhattan or Brooklyn.
Day 18 - Looking Up

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