Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March's Monthly Preguntas!

It's time for the monthly questions from the blog From One Country To Another. If you would like to join the fun pass by her blog. She posts it monthly.

1. What are three things that really annoy you about your "better half"

I don't have a better half right now so I'm going to post things that used to annoy me.

A. His snoring.
B. He was too friendly. Would get into a conversation with almost anyone.
C. Would fall asleep every time we were at the movies.

2. Who was your first crush. Did they ever find out how you felt?

His name was Enrique. I think I was in sixth grade. He was, like we call them in Puerto Rico, a bilingual. He had moved to Puerto Rico from NY. He new I liked him, we exchanged looks a few times, which it was all that was aloud back then, lol. Plus I was very shy, still am. 

3. Tea or Coffee? Coffee.
Lime or Lemon? Lemons.
Mayonnaise or crema? Mayo.
Jack or Cheddar? Cheddar.
Drama or comedy? Drama.

4. Who made the first move in the relationship?

He did. He sent me an instant message online. We talked on the phone for 6 hours until morning.

5. What is a funny quirk you have?

There are a few thing I have to do before going to bed. Turn on the fan, turn on the nature sounds on my phone, put it above my pillow next to my glasses, roll a towel to put under the arch of my back, and put on one ear plug. If I do all of that I can't sleep well.

6. If you could change one physical part of you what would it be?

My belly.

7. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? English or Spanish?

My daughter. English and Spanish. I talk to her in both languages so I don't forget my Spanish she can keep learning.

8. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Yes, I do!

9. Five words that describe your immediate family.

Close, loyal, protective, caring, cautious

10. Wedding or Elope? Elope
Beach or snow? Snow
Fruits or Veggies? Fruits
Chicken or Beef? Chicken
Cake or Pie? Cake

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