Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Much Needed LOL.

I have been having some blah days lately due to some personal things but mainly because of an inconsiderate neighbor playing loud music. I have been taking steps to see if the situation can be resolved. Meanwhile I am trying hard not to let the situation bring me down, but it's hard. Yesterday it was a bad day, I wanted to pull my hair out I was so upset. Thank God my son manages to make me smile when I'm most upset (I don't let mis hijos know how upset I am). I was trying to distract myself by reading other blogs and Twitter, but it wasn't working. I decided to do something else, so I asked my son to help me. This is how our conversation went.

Me: Can you help me do something?
Son: What do I get in return?
Me: Lots of love.
Son: What's love? Can I spend it?
Me: LOL, I see!
Son: LOL, I was joking Ma'.
Me: ¿Me vas a ayudar?
Son: Sí.
Me: Ok.

I felt a bit better after that laugh. Took a shower and went to bed. Woke up this morning anticipating what my day was going to be like. If it was going to be the same as yesterday. So far it hasn't been the same, but the day is not over so it can start at any time. People who have been through this or are going through it, know how this can affect someone. I went through this before moving here, for four years. It was hell. After two years of peace, I find myself in a similar situation again. Like they say in Puerto Rico after a while eso acaba con uno/it takes a toll on you. Please send some prayers my way...

Today again, I was looking for some good LOL by reading the blogs I follow. Wasn't long before I found one that made laugh so hard my face hurt. The blog, Me & The Mexican. Her post titled Mexican-isms made me have a good laugh. I have been there. When I make mistakes with my pronunciation mis hijos correct me. I tell them you understood what I meant right? They say yes. I tell them, then that's what matters. No me jodas!/leave me alone! I tell them this with a smile on my face of course. Here is an example, when I'm talking about sheets it's hard for me to pronounce it so I end up saying shit, lol. Same with beach and bitch! Anyway, check out her blog. Thanks to Tara and my son for making me laugh.♥♥

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