Friday, October 5, 2012

Mi Vida & Late Friday Fill-Ins

Can't believe is October already, but I'm so happy summer is over. No more walking around drenched in sweat, yay! Halloween is around the corner and the stores are full of costumes. It makes me wish my kids were still small sometimes so we can go trick or treating. I have even been looking at Haunted Houses, lol. Reading reviews of some of the ones they have in the city. The prices though, ouch! If you go during the week they charge around $5 less. According to the reviews though, they are not worth the money. My daughter was invited to one, but she's not sure if she's going yet. I'm more excited than her! Have you ever been to one?

Tomorrow I have a therapist's appointment and I have to do some errands. We might end up going to the city, depends on the weather and my kids mood. I don't want to be here to hear the loud music from the jerk downstairs. I have taken the steps to try to resolve this problem, but obviously it was ignored, since the music just started getting louder downstairs. Yes, it's 10:53PM and the music just started blaring downstairs. If while you are praying you have some time to send a prayer for us, please do. It would be greatly appreciated. For those of you planning on moving, make sure this type of behavior is not accepted before you move in. That you have it in writing. It's hell having to live like this.

Anyway, here are my Friday Fill-Ins. I know it's are very late, but it's only 8:58 PM in California.Photobucket 
If you would like to participate, follow the link or click on the image. Happy weekend to everyone!  

1. I said wait until later.
2. A cup of coffee is what I'm craving right now.
3. I was thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.
4. I beg you to go with me, will you?
5. We should have stayed longer.
6. I have to do grocery shopping whether I want to or not!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Fringe, tomorrow my plans include running errands and Sunday, I want to hopefully have a quiet day!

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