Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dinner Turned Out Delish!

Our Thanksgiving day was spoiled by the inconsiderate assholes downstairs playing music like they were at a club. However, our dinner turned out delish! Well, except the guineos en escabeche/pickled green bananas. I mentioned on my Thanksgiving day post that I thought three cups of oil was too much, and sure enough, it was. I saved enough for me (kids wanted potato salad only), the rest I had to throw away. Next time, I'll use a cup and half of oil only. Other than that, dinner was delicious. I will be making the last of the pernil today. Another day of not having to cook a whole meal! Yay, ME!

I bought the ingredients for the pumpkin pie, but in the end I decided to make these baby cinnamon buns recipe I found on Facebook. The dough was on sale, so I was even more happy to make them, lol. I was lucky they had Pillsbury Recipe Creations. That one doesn't have seams. OMG, they turned out so delicious! Gooey and chewy, yum. Even my daughter asked for seconds. I will be making these again. I know I'm not supposed to be eating this, but I have been good with staying away from sweets. One can indulge every now and then, right? Be very careful though, they are addicting!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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