Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Prayers, Life & Happy Veterans Day

I hope everyone enjoyed Veterans Day. Remembering those who have fought for the freedom of this country. Many hugs to those who have lost someone protecting this country so that we can enjoy the freedom we sometimes take for granted.♥♥

I haven't posted in a week, but it seems like it has been longer. I have been in a blah mood lately, add to that a toothache (scared of the dentist. yes, I admit it!) and allergies. Not fun. When I'm doing other things I think about blog posts, but once I sit here my mind goes blank. Anyone has blogging magic dust out there?

Sending prayers to those affected by hurricane Sandy and still dealing with the power outages and clean up. The story about the mother who lost her two boys while trying to get away from the flood, breaks my heart. I hope she's surrounded by family and friends to help her get through the heartbreak. Losing one child is devastating, but losing two is even worse. According to the article I read she was knocking in people's doors  asking for help, but no one helped her. When they found her she was suffering from hypothermia. I think it's sad no one tried to help her. Even if they couldn't go out to help her look for her children, at least they could have offered her some comfort, coño. Their bodies were found and they were able to give them a proper burial. My prayers to her and her family. May God give her the strength to deal with the huge loss.

My daughter's friend had no electricity for almost a week. Daughter stayed over last weekend to help them out. They all slept in the living room using a small heater to stay warm. The heat and hot water was back on four days later. Her dad is back home after her had to be taken to the hospital where they kept him for a week or so. Thankfully, things are back to normal for them.

I have two reviews and giveaways coming up from Mary Kay and Dermagist. Stay tuned! Photobucket

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