Thursday, November 1, 2012

Prayers & Halloween

I meant to post this early, but started doing other things and forgot I hadn't published it. First, my prayers to those affected by hurricane Sandy. Our area wasn't hit hard, and I thank God for that. The tree in front of some of our windows hit the fire escape a couple of times, and the lights flickered a few times, but other than that not much happened. If it wasn't for me looking out of the window I wouldn't have known that it was raining.

One of my daughter's friend lives in the city, in an area where the power is still out. She haven't heard from her since last night after her cell phone ran out of battery. Tomorrow she's going to try to go check up on them. Her father is not well, so I'm praying they are doing ok.

Stay safe, mi gente. Don't put yourself or someone else in harm's way for the sake of taking a picture or a video. I heard this last night on the radio. A crew member called a radio station to give updates when a man walks over to a live wire with his children just so he could take pictures. He had to tell him to move away because that was a live wire. Scary.

I know that because of hurricane Sandy some of you felt bad celebrating Halloween while others are going through a rough time. Still, Halloween is a day kids look forward to every year, so I hope your kiddies got to enjoy Halloween even if it was a little bit. I heard some kids trick or treating around here, but it wasn't a big crowd. I've enjoyed the photos I've seen around. It brings back good memories.Photobucket

We didn't do anything especial today. Except I didn't have to cook dinner! My daughter wanted to get McDonald's because she wanted to check if her cell phone is working outside. It is, but for some reason is not working inside the apartment. It has been like that for a week now, before the storm. At this point she's going to exchange the cell phone. Four phone calls to customer service and the service still sucks.

Happy Halloween!

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