Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puerto Rico Gets a Quarter!

About time we get a quarter! He, he. The U.S. Mint will be releasing 5 quarters to commemorate the U.S. territories and the first one will be Puerto Rico. As you can see by the picture is going to look really nice! I will be looking for one and I'm saving it. Yes corny but what the hell I'm a jíbara so things like that get me excited, lol. Anyone else saving one? Viva Puertorro coño! Pin It Now!


  1. Nice. They got it right with the Morro!! LOL

  2. This is so cool! I didn't even realize that they were given a quarter (think I rely too much on my Amex LOL)!

  3. Opps I got click happy! I really like the saing "Isla del Encanto" on the coin.

  4. LOL, that's ok you can comment as many times as you want, he, he. Isla Del Encanto is perfect. I love the design ;-)


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