Saturday, August 1, 2009

Movies & Life!

I'm here enjoying my Saturday (so far) catching up with the internet world. My daughter has been using the computer a lot and by the time I have a chance I'm sleepy or I'm busy with something else. Not to mention that my meds have my system all messed up. I have to get my sleep schedule back to normal. I'm sleepy one minute and the next I'm fully awake! I overslept so tonight I'm not going to be sleepy until late, again. Good thing I have to empty my DVR! Sucks we didn't get our Netflix movies today but that's what happens when you procrastinate to get to a mailbox, lol.

I finally saw Twilight and I know people might get upset for me saying this but I was a bit disappointed with the movie. I haven't read any of the books so I'm not familiar with the whole story yet. I'm more of a visual person and like I have said before I like the element of surprise in a movie so I don't like reading about it ahead of time. I had seen the trailer and I knew not to expect too much. So here it goes, isn't Twilight a movie about vampires? Where are the fangs? Now, I don't know if in the books they don't have fangs either or if it was just for the movie. It was just weird to see a movie about vampires with no fangs. Another thing was the special effects, the parts where they were running and jumping. I felt like I was watching an old Chinese movie, those effects could have been a lot better. I'm assuming that since the movie did so well in theaters they will have a bigger budget for the second and third movie and the effects will improve big time!

When I first heard about the movie (first time I ever heard about the book) and who were going to play the main characters I thought Kristen Stewart was perfect for the role. I had just seen the movie The Messengers and I thought she was great in it but there parts in Twilight were I cringed a bit. My son ended up watching most of it because my daughter was using the computer and he felt the same way and so did my daughter. Although I was a bit dissapointed I am looking forward for the second and third because I want to see the improvement, I like the story so far and I LOVE the vampire genre!

After the movie finished we went on to the extra features and saw the video where they were at the Comic Con. It was fun to see them out of character and answering the fans questions but one thing I noticed was and I'm not the only once who noticed. Kristen Stewart looked like she didn't wanted to be there and she looked a bit like shit. The Blogger from The Couch Potato noticed it also and said it best!

Another movie I rented was City of Ember that was also based on a book that I haven't read either. I didn't know about the book until the I rented the movie. These days is hard to find a movie to see with your kids that doesn't have some sexual innuendo, too much violence and cursing. Well this movie you can sit, relax and enjoy it. Great movie to watch with your family. The visual effects are top notch (like another reviewer said) and the colors gorgeous. It pulls you in and we only wish it would've been a longer movie. Some questions were left unanswered and I wanted to see more of the other characters, like Tim Robbin's character. I was pleasantly surprised with it and mis hijos/my children too. They enjoyed it so much we saw it twice...♥
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  1. City of Ember: I vaguely remember seeing a preview for it a while back, but it must not have impressed me because it never made its way to my Netflix queue... but hey, we're always up for more movie options, so I've added it now - it's #204 tho, LoL! :D

    Twilight: I suffered through the book (only the first one!), and through the movie. Ugh. While I enjoy the whole vampire genre and dark fantasy in general, the Twilight book(s) do not do this category any justice, in my opinion. I was going to suck it up (haha) and plod my way through the other books in the series, but the more time that passes from the time I finished the first book, the more I think I'm better off not doing that to myself :p


  2. Lynne, thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy City of Ember. Looks like you are like me, I have over 300 on my netflix list, lol.

    My daughter read some parts of the first book and she said she didn't like the writing. I won't know what she meant until I read it myself someday!


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