Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shakira, Britney & Mariah.

I remember the days when we could just tune in to MTV or VH1 and watch videos for hours! I miss those days, now we have to wait until 3 AM to be able to see an hour or two and they show more commercials than anything else. I don't bother and I just look for them online although the quality is not good and it's a little window! Here are three new videos from Shakira, Britney and Mariah.

I enjoy videos that tell a story and when the singer changes her/his look. Out of the three videos I enjoyed Shakira's the most. Was a bit disappointed with Britney's but maybe is because it's a tiny window and can't appreciate the whole thing plus I'm used to seeing her dancing. Mariah's was a bit weird with her dressed as a man but I liked it. Although I'm starting to think the whole thing with Eminem and her is just a stunt to get people to buy their albums.

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