Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life & PhotoHunt.

I have been home all day relaxing catching up with Blogs, Tweets, Plurks, emails and everything else in the virtual world while doing laundry. I know some of you are saying you call that relaxing? To me it is! I don't know, there is something about being able to sit in front of this thing for hours that gets me relaxed, lol. No interruptions, no Mami I need to use it can you please hurry? Just sit with a coffee, the mouse and off I go, lol. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

Time for this weeks PhotoHunt. The theme is monthly. Finding a picture for this theme was easier than I thought! Couple of days ago I received my free sticker from and I took a picture to send through Twitter. Check 'em monthly Mamis.Photobucket  


If you would like to join the fun click on the link. Hope everyone is enjoying their day! Happy Saturday! 
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