Friday, May 27, 2011

My Favorite Supernatural Episode.

Contribution by Odis Chan

The best TV episode was on Supernatural this year. It's the episode involving Dean getting kidnapped by fairies. Dean and Sam are brothers who fight the supernatural beings that are dangerous. They have been doing this job for several years now. Both brothers have died and been brought back from death.

Sam is the younger brother and he was trapped in a cage with Satan. Sam was released, but without his soul and Dean is trying to figure out a way to get it back. Sam just isn't the same without his soul! . His empathy and compassion are missing and it's straining their relationship. Despite this little complication the brothers are continuing their mission of protecting people from strange beings.

They arrive in a town upon hearing strange rumors, and Dean is taken aboard what appears to be a spaceship, but it really is fairies that kidnapped him. After Dean is kidnapped he is the only one who can see them, so Sam doesn't believe they are there at first. Dean battles one alone and cooks it in the microwave. This moment reminded me of the movie Gremlins. Someone in town made a deal with the fairies to work for them. The fairies were addicted to cream, and it made them inebriated allowing the brothers to kill the leader. I always watch Supernatural on my Cable TV Deals.

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