Saturday, October 29, 2011

And We Got Snow Ladies & Gentlemen!

We got the first snow ladies and gentlemen! Although I shouldn't be happy because I have to go out in that mess a little bit later to do grocery shopping. Was supposed to go yesterday but my daughter was sick and I wasn't feeling too good myself. I read a Tweet this morning about snow but for some reason it didn't register. To me it was going to rain all day. Then my son looked out of the window and that's when I found out it was snowing! 

The flakes are really big although it is not sticking to the ground it is sticking to the cars a little bit. I can hear some people cleaning up the front of their building. I'm sorry for those who hate it but I love it! I am happy we got our first snow! Did you get any?  

New York,First Snow Winter 2011

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