Saturday, December 24, 2011

Feliz Nochebuena - Happy Christmas Eve!


First, Feliz Nochebuena/Christmas Eve to everyone! I woke up early (8:30 AM, yes that's early for me) to put the pernil in the oven and enjoy some of the morning silence. It was so quiet! Yes, you would think since I live in the city I would love noise but no, I don't. It has to do with getting old and previously living next to a crazy woman for years.

Anyway, as I said 2 days ago I haven't been into celebrating the Holidays these days. I went out the same day and got some very simple/cheap Christmas decorations (see pictures below) for our table to brighten up my apartment and to force myself into feeling festive. Seems to be working a bit so far! Playing some mellow music working my way up to pop, rock and last some salsa and merengue. I wrote a post not too long with some of the music we (my familia) used to listen to for Christmas when I was growing up. Click here to read it. Add the songs to Spotify (Sign on for 30 days trial, cancel it before they charge your card!) and you'll be salseando and merengueando in no time! Weepa!

I've been cleaning up while the pernil cooks. My apartment smells (garlicky) so good right now, is making me hungry. Can't pick at the pernil yet, coño! So I will continue with the craving. Remember I was going to bake a cake, the Gooey Butter cake. I baked one on Thursday to see how it would come out. Well, it looked perfect when I took it out the oven as you can see by the pictures. But as I was taking some pictures, it started sinking on the sides, lol. Then the whole cake fell except for the edges. I left it for 45 minutes like the recipe said but it seems that it needed 5 to 10 minutes more. Still, it tasted DELISH (people weren't kidding!) but it was extra gooey in the center, lol. I'm not going to lie I had more than one piece on the same day and the day after. I'm baking another one later today, this time I'm leaving it a bit longer. 

Bueno, let me get back to what I was doing. I still have to make the arroz con gandules and the potato salad. Maybe fry some yellow plantains too. Bought an avocado, hopefully it will be good inside. I have bad luck with avocados! Same as with men, they are nice outside but when you taken them home they turn out rotten, lol. Sorry it was too good to pass up! This is me loosening up, feeling festive. And I don't even drink! Photobucket

Hope everyone is enjoying their Nochebuena/Christmas Eve wherever they are! Cuidense/Be safe. Don't drink and drive...Photobucket

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