Sunday, September 23, 2012

Psy - Gangnam Style Music Video

Sharing this music video for those who like me until a few days ago didn't know about one of the latest YouTube most watched videos. It broke the Guinness record for the most liked video on YouTube. Psy is a South Korean pop singer, who sings about the now worldwide famous Gangnam dancing style. Although I can't understand most of what he's singing about, the video is entertaining and catchy.

Everyone wants to meet him. Ellen invited him to the show so he could teach Britney Spears the dance moves. Even TMZ had him on the show. My favorite, his performance at Rockefeller Plaza for NBC's Today Show. It is awesome to see everyone welcoming Psy, enjoying his music even though most didn't understand the words. Like the host said, Rockefeller Plaza will never be the same. Music has no boundaries. Check it out!

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