Friday, September 21, 2012

The Cooler Weather Is Coming!

PhotobucketAre you as excited as me that tomorrow is the start of fall?! Although the high around here is going to be in the 80's or at least that's what is saying. I love fall weather. The turning of the leaves, the cool nights, snuggling on the sofa with your loved ones. Love it! I wish we could have fall weather all year around. This year I'm going to make sure I taste one or two of the flavors Dunkin Donuts adds to their menu during this time. Oh, and their donuts as well, yum! Now I'm craving donuts, can't remember the last time I had one...

As you can see I didn't posted much this week. I needed a little bit of a break from the internet to deal with other things. I'll try to get back to posting more often soon. For now, I apologize for the boredom around here.Photobucket  

Bueno, enjoy your weekend everyone. I might head out to the city tomorrow to walk around a bit. Who knows, it depends on my mood. 

Here are my late Friday Fill-Ins! If you would like to join the fun click on the link.♥♥  
1. I don't know what it's like to travel outside of the United States; I only know Puerto Rico
2. Send her a little bit of luck would be a great title for my life. 
3. A couple of weeks from now I will be getting a new power supply for my computer. Hopefully it will stop rebooting from then on. 
4. We can talk about any number of things. 
5. I drove from one corner to the next corner and I was scared because I don't know how to drive
6. When I was a child I was happy.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up on blogs and watching, relaxing my hair and a movie, tomorrow my plans include running errands and Sunday, I want to try to relax

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