Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TV Time - Fall TV Season Premiere Calendar!

Here is the calendar for the fall TV season premieres. Who's ready? I am, but in a way I'm not. I barely turned on the TV this summer to see regular TV. There was nothing on that I liked, and I enjoyed not having to worry about setting the DVR every week and making sure it had enough space to keep recording. I did see the president's speech during the Democratic National Convention, and a few Nightline episodes here and there.

My form of entertainment has been Netflix (streaming). I have been catching up with TV series that I can't watch on regular TV because I don't have the channels anymore. I lowered my cable package two years ago. The bill was getting ridiculously expensive. Now, I just have the network channels.

I finished Kyle XY. This series was canceled a few years ago, and they didn't give it a proper ending. It was disappointing. Then it was Merlin, a series that was canceled by NBC or ABC, but Syfy picked it up. I was happy when Netflix started streaming the first three seasons. I got so used to watching it every night that now I miss it, lol. Can't wait for season four! Hopefully, Netflix won't make us wait two years for it.

I'm also caught up with Weeds! Being able to see all six seasons non stop without commercials was heavenly. It was like being at the movie theater every day for hours, lol. It was canceled, so season eight will be the last. I'm going to avoid spoilers like the plague!

These days I have been catching up with Warehouse 13. I almost forgot, another show I like from Syfy is Alphas, but again, I have to wait until it streams on Netflix. I'm starting to miss not having this channel more and more, but there is no way in hell, I'm going to pay $40 more to add three or four channels that I like. Well, if they offered me a good deal, I would pay a bit ($10) more.Photobucket

Anyway, back to the calendar. There are few new TV shows I'm adding to my list, but the one I'm really looking forward to is Revolution, from NBC. It premieres on September 17 at 10:00PM. I know that I can see the pilot episode online, but I prefer to see it on TV to enjoy it in all its glory. I couldn't resist, so I watched the first four minutes, and it looks just like my type of show! If you rather not wait, you can see it on Hulu here.

As for the returning shows I can't wait to see all over again; Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Touch, Revenge and The Good Wife! Then there is The Walking Dead that I would love to see when it starts its third season, but I can't afford to add the freaking channel don't have the channel. I read a comment about season two and it turned out to be a spoiler. I'm so pissed about that!

So, what TV shows are you looking forward to?

Click on the image to go to tvguide.com

Click on the image to go to tvguide.com

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