Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - I noticed.

Sorry I haven't posted in some time but I have been busy with life. Been running around doing errands and going to appointments. By the time I get home all I want to do is sit and not think of anything. I sit to watch TV and find myself nodding off like if I'm 70 years old but when I try to sleep I can't because I keep thinking of everything I did during the day or need to do. So I am glad is Thursday!

I took some pictures and a video while I was in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Will try post them later today or tomorrow. I try to take pictures everytime I go out these days since I don't go out often. Makes you notice things you never noticed before.

I'm expecting a movie today and I'm so looking forward to it. I rented The X-files: I want to believe. It's old but I'm a fan! I hope it won't disappoint. Talking about disappointment, I wished The Day the Earth Stood Still had more content. It was too short! It was a good movie but I felt they could have done so much more with it. Keanu played the character really good. I enjoyed the first scenes with him and Kathy Bates a lot. Funny, like The Matrix he was wearing a black suit again.

It's Thursday Thirteen again. This week my 13 are things I noticed when I was riding the train this week.

  1. The girl with the bloody heels because her sandals were scraping the back. I wanted to offer her a band aid even though I didn't have one!
  2. The man ogling at the little girl's butt. She was about 15 years old. I wanted to say to him how sick can you be.
  3. The man sitting across from me smiling at me. Didn't know if he was smiling because he was thinking about something, because he was poking fun at me or because he thought I looked nice. Even though it made me feel weird I hope it was the last one!
  4. The girl with a push up bra and a white summer dress. A guy flirts with her, she smiles and walks further in the train. Stands in front of an old man who was looking up. She felt uncomfortable I guess and walked back to where the first guy was and starts chatting him up. Weird!
  5. The man standing in front of my daughter and me who forced us to look at the floor or the side for an hour because his crotch was in our faces!
  6. The man who was sitting next to me reading a book and kept fucking moving his legs over and over. Spreading them, what the fuck! You got teeth down there?
  7. The guy sitting next to me listening to music while holding his phone to his ear. Ever heard of headphones?
  8. The two guys in a suit sitting across from us who kept looking at us. What they have never seen Latinas? LOL
  9. The girl sitting next to me with her friend and across her mother and I'm assuming sister. Bitch was showing off and I wanted to smack her! Thank God for headphones and music!
  10. The woman who switched to another seat because she didn't wanted to be next to the guy who had just sat next to her. She didn't wanted him to dirty her dress (dress was white) I guess.
  11. The construction worker who was wearing button up jeans instead of a zipper and one of the button was undone. I looked away right away, I didn't wanted to see no pipi while my daughter was sitting next to me! LOL
  12. The woman who kept staring at me and made me wonder if I my makeup was messed up or something.
  13. The sexy guy who was wearing a nice pair of jeans, a t-shirt and had a zodiacal tattoo on his arm. He looked so damn good!
There you have it, my 13 for this week. If you would like to join us click here. Pin It Now!


  1. I haven't been to NYC since I was 18, and that was a long time ago, but I do remember seeing strange things on the trains, LOL! I used to think that it was just because I'm a California girl and live in a place where trains are used for traveling long distances and cars for getting around the city. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who observed some really interesting things on the subway in The City, LOL!

  2. I don't go out often so maybe that has a lot to do with it, lol. Thanks for stopping by! ;-)

  3. What a wonderful slice of life! I feel like I'm on the train with you. It reminds me of riding on the bus.

  4. People watching is fun isn't it? But it got me to thinking, how many people are posting about you staring at them on the same train ride? ;0)

  5. OMG you had me rolling on the floor. #5 & #6 were hilarious!! I needed the laugh..Thanks.. The hot guy was cool too.. Maybe u should've taken a pic??;)

  6. Alice, thanks! Yep, sometimes just the train ride can be an adventure! Thanks for stopping by. ;-)

    The Bumbles, you are so right! I mean I wasn't staring but I wonder who is posting about the lady with the big sunglasses and curly hair on the train, lol.

    Lisa, your welcome! Would've taken a picture but he was standing up not too far from us and talking to his girlfriends and they would've noticed. Imagine the embarrassment, that old lady just took a picture of you, lol. Then again my daughter was with me I could've said it was for her! Oh well, next time ;-)


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