Friday, July 24, 2009

Life, Hijos & Movies.

Sorry haven't been around lately but have been busy with life and doctors appointments. Was put on new medicines and some of the side effects of one of the meds are not pretty. Hope they will go away after a week or two if not I will have to change it. One of the side effects is feeling tired and very sleepy so I'm not in the mood to blog much. I sit, start typing and then my mind goes blank, lol. Hopefully I will be able to keep my eyes open for this post!

Anyway, it's Friday! And even though I am glad is Friday now that my neighbor decided to start with his ghettoness I have started to dread Saturdays. Hopefully nothing will happen and I will get to have a semi quiet weekend watching a movie and catching up with my shows. I rented Twilight finally, though my son was complaining and said that he wasn't going to see no 90210 style vampire movie, lol. That I could watch it with my daughter and he was going to use the computer, lol. My daughter already saw it and she liked it. She didn't wanted to see it either because she felt like my son. I'll be the judge, I said, lol.

I also rented The Terminator on Blu ray because my son never saw it completely. I thought it was going to look really good but I was disappointed. The picture quality was poor, I know it's an old movie but I have seen other old movies and the picture quality was better. I didn't remember some of the parts and I was shocked to see Arnold's pájaro/bird/penis dangling! I mean I know they showed his butt but not his pájaro, lol. They don't show it up close, you can see it in the dark swinging as he's walking! My son looked away because he didn't wanted to see it and my daughter hesitated but after all she's about to be 20, lol. She said ewww but at the same time was giggling, then she said I can't believe I saw Arnold's thing! Well, it had to happen some time. Not that I'm saying I'm going to watch a movie with her where they have a full blown love scene in it. She would be mortified and so would I!

Talking about sex scenes I saw the indie film Descent with Rosario Dawson recently, wanted to rent it, but decided to stream it from Netflix instead. So glad I didn't rented it! The movie is dark and sometimes disturbing. Not saying the movie is not good although I felt it dragged on and I found myself forwarding it in some parts. I wasn't expecting what happened and was a bit disgusted. I like the element of surprise when I see a movie so I didn't read what it was about. If you are into dark movies you might want to see this one. I'm not going to spoil it but it will definitely stay in your mind for some time. At least it did to me.

I also saw The Jane Austen Book Club and A Good Woman. First one it's a chick flick with Amy Brenneman, Kathy Baker & Emily Blunt. I really enjoyed it, a great movie to watch with your girlfriends. Was sad I didn't rented it and saw it online instead. Would've enjoyed it a lot more. Second movie was good too with Helen Hunt and Scarlet Johansson and was pleasantly surprised by Helen Hunt. She played the role very good. Another movie I wish I had rented instead of streaming it from Netflix. Something about seeing it on a small screen (19" monitor) and with a not so good quality just doesn't let me enjoy the movie as much...♥
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