Monday, April 2, 2012

Stay at Home Mom.

Written by Sherri Hicks

Some days are really hard being a stay at home. Being a mom was always my dream and the day I had my son really was the best day of my life, it is the best life but it is also hard sometimes. I wouldn't trade my life as a mom for the world, but sometimes between peanut butter sandwiches and changing diapers I get totally stressed and feel like I just need a break. That is when I turn on a show on cable tv and take a thirty minute breather in my room. I usually read a few chapters in my book or rest for a little bit. It was a good day when my son was finally old enough to watch a whole show and actually want to. I may regret it later because my kid will be obsessed with TV, but it is worth it now for me to not lose my cool! Moms need a time out every now and then. I am so ready for summer so he will be playing outside!

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