Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Mother's Day.

I meant to write this post two weeks ago, but I have been busy with life, and my computer started acting up so I had to re-install windows twice. I kind of gave up on it for a day, lol. Right now it seems to be working fine, but every now and then reboots. Sucks to have an old computer!

Anyway, we went to the city on Mother's day. We walked around a bit then we went to Bryant Park. This was my first time going to that park. I thought it would be bigger so I was a bit disappointed, but it was nice. As you can see there were a lot of people but not to the point where you couldn't walk. There were a few families sitting on the grass area. No loud noises, just the birds, people talking and the occasional horn honking. My kind of place. I imagine at night it gets full.

We stayed there for about 4 hours, just enjoying the breeze. We took some pictures, as you can see below. Since we are on a budget (eating in the city is very expensive), we ended up eating at Burger King. That Burger King sucked! The people working there were nasty, then some pendeja came in to cut in on the line, so she got into an argument with a man. Forget it, it was a whole lot of drama! We wanted to eat at Wendy's but there weren't any sits available. We went to eat late so they had closed the second floor. Next time, we just won't eat!

I can't remember the last time I was around that area so there is bunch of things that were new to me. Like the sitting area around Macy's. My daughter took a picture, but it came out blurry because we were walking. You can see how the area looks like though. It looks like a nice place to sit around to eat lunch or dinner. Those stores around there must make a lot of money from all those people sitting there for hours! So many temptations, lol.

We had a nice time, after all. If only we had left home earlier, we could have avoided the Burger King drama. I have more pictures, I'll post them on my next post...

Bryant Park - Taken by me
Bryant Park - Taken by me
Bryant Park in 1936! Taken by my daughter.
Walking towards Times Square. Taken by my daughter.
My daughter likes to take photos of Churches. Well, so do I, lol.
Getting closer to Time Square - Taken by my daughter.
Some random street in Manhattan - Taken by my daughter.
Another photo of the same church. Taken by my daughter.
I thought the The big cheese billboard was funny, lol. Taken by my daughter.
Times Square - Taken by me.

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