Sunday, May 27, 2012

More Pictures, Nueva York.

On my previous post, I mentioned I had taken more pictures, here are the rest. I don't go to the city to hang out that much so whenever we go, I like to take pictures. Who knows if we get attacked by zombies tomorrow. You never know!

Talking about zombies. Did you hear about the naked man who was killed because he wouldn't stop eating another man's face. So horrible, they did an update and the detectives believe the victim was a homeless man and the naked man was suffering from cocaine psychosis, which explains why he took off his clothes. Want to be clear, that I'm in no way making fun of it, I just thought about it because people commented on the article and they said the zombies are here. That is all!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. I know I am, I slept like a baby or close to it for the past two days. I needed it!

Bryant Park - Taken by my daughter
Some random clock we passed when we were walking towards Macy's. Taken by my daughter.
Empire State Building - Taken by me.
Thought this was cool, I watch this show! - Taken by my daughter.
Spongebob balloons! - Taken by my me.

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