Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th Of July!/Feliz Día de 4 De Julio!


Happy 4th of July to everyone! I keep forgetting today is Wednesday and not Saturday. If it wasn't for the firecrackers last night I would have forgotten about today. We are not doing anything special for today. Just staying in relaxing. I'm catching up with blogs, Twitter, etc.

Around here so far things have been quiet today, no firecrackers. Last night though, my cat was hiding under my desk because of the firecrackers and cherry bombs going off every minute. Even I was jumping, lol. If I went to the kitchen he would go right behind me almost dragging himself through the floor. That's how scared he was, bendito. 

I was hoping we were going to get movies in the mail yesterday, but mi hija forgot to mail the movies when I told her, so we are getting them tomorrow. Coño, I was so looking forward to having a good movie night. Guess not.Photobucket

Bueno, I hope every one is enjoying their day with their family and friends. Stay cool and stay safe, mi gente!Photobucket

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