Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hello, Again.

Pulling the spider webs off my blog as I'm typing this. As I said on my previous post, I needed a break from the internet. Then when I was ready to start blogging again, my internet started acting up. Pages wouldn't load or would take forever to load. Since it lasted more than two days I thought it was my computer that needed a fresh installation of windows. Did that but it didn't resolved the problem. Then today it started working out of the blue. My guess it was my internet service that was having problems. So here I am!

How are you handling the hot weather? It has been brutal! I feel bad for those poor people without electricity that were hit with the storm. My prayers to them. I have been staying inside as much as possible. Cooking easy dinners so I don't have to stay in the kitchen for over an hour. The days of me slaving in the kitchen are over, especially when it is extremely hot. Before I used to feel guilty if I didn't cook dinner. I guess is a Latina thing. We are trained to think that if we don't cook dinner we are a mala madre/bad mother. Today I cooked fried tilapia with french fries, a simple dinner but delish. Do you feel guilty when you don't cook dinner or if you cook something simple?

Anyway, I finally got a fan that was good enough this past weekend. If you remember, I bought three fans and returned all three because they sucked! Finally, I had decided on one from Sears. I called to check if they had the fan at the store, placed the order online after they said they had four in stock. Went to pick it up the same day and they tell me they didn't have any. Got my refund, did the same thing for another store. Placed the order then I get an email saying they don't have the fan either, even after I called and they said yes. Ridiculous! The fan they have at their stores looks the same, but it's a different brand. So when I called that's why they said they had it. They didn't bothered to look at it to make sure it was the exact same one. And they still have the fan listed on the site! Horrible customer service! So, I ended up buying a Lasco fan from Target that it was on sale for $37.99. The cheapest one turned out to be the good one, it's noisy and it blows a good amount of air. I'm so happy! Cleaning it is going to be a bitch because the grid is not removable, but I'll deal with it when the time comes.

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