Friday, July 27, 2012

Kristen, Kristen...

credit: Us Weekly
Kristen nena, what have you done? By now most of you have heard about the cheating scandal between Kristen Stewart (22) and the director Rupert Sanders (41). I was really surprised when I heard about this. I thought, WTF? I mean, I know I'm being a total cougar here, but who would want to cheat on Robert Pattinson? He's so hot looking! He just has a mystery to him. Those eyes, esa boca!

I thought Kristen and Robert would stay together for another year or two and he would break up with her or both of them would get bored of each other. I didn't know she is 22 years old and Robert 26. Now I can better understand them being together for such a long time. They started dating when she was about 19 years old, according to the news. Most men love that, the idea that their girlfriend is still somehow pure because they haven't been with anyone else or with many partners. She's pure no more. He said he didn't understand why people cheat so you know he's really hurting and it will be for a while.

Why on earth would this man think that no one would find out about this is beyond me. Although not everyone would recognize him, everyone would recognize her. She's everywhere! I thought they did this while they were out of the country, but no, they were in Los Angeles! She could be his daughter. He must have wooed her pretty good for her to fall for him. I mean, she has Robert Pattinson for a boyfriend, coño! Maybe she has daddy issues or was in need of a self esteem boost, who the fuck knows.

credit: OceanUp
She apologized publicly, but judging by the latest news that Robert Pattinson moved out of the house they were sharing, you know it is most likely over. She had a good thing going and she fucked it up royally. One thing is to cheat, but to cheat with a married man with children makes it even worse. If Kristen was desperate to ditch the good girl image this definitely will help her on that department. She's going to be branded a home wrecker if Sanders gets a divorce. That could help her career or tank it. Then again this is Hollywood we are talking about. Look at Angelina Jolie. I wonder how the Twilight honchos are feeling about all of this. The fairy tale is no longer there, and I know I will be thinking about this when I watch the movie. I don't think it will hurt the movie though, fans will show up for Robert no matter what. Plus people like drama. 

With fans calling her names do you think she will show up for the opening of the movie event? Eh, by then someone else will be in the spotlight with a new scandal. Perhaps the Jackson Family? 

Somewhere Katy Holmes is jumping for joy because thanks to Kristen, the paps will leave her alone for a while...Photobucket 

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