Thursday, July 26, 2012

Freaking Out!

Warning: If you are easily grossed out by blood, stop reading...

When there is something wrong with our hijos/hijas we tend to drop everything else. This is the main reason why I haven't been blogging as much lately. My daughter had an abscess on her leg (inside her calf to be precise) that it went from a little bump to a huge bump within a week. As you can see by the photos below, I tried to cure it with a home remedy, since home remedies have worked for me before. What did I use? I put a raw onion on it then wrapped it with cling wrap, although the article said to use a cloth. It had to be changed every 3 hours and it worked. It came to the surface (as you can see on the second photo), but because the hole was too small, not all of it drained. Eventually, I had to take her to emergency because it wouldn't heal.

I kept thinking, what if she develops flesh eating bacteria? I know, a bit dramatic, blame it on the news! But more cases have been popping up. Uno nunca sabe, verdad?/you never know, right? The third picture was the day after I put the onion and she drained it a bit. I should have taken a picture right after she drained it. It was big and she could feel the pressure of it wanting to come out. She was in such pain she was crying saying, I'm going to lose my leg. I was trying to calm her down of course, but inside I was freaking out too! Finally calmed her down, she washed the area with soap and very warm water. She then went to sleep while my mind was racing thinking about all the things that could happen. The next morning, more pus had come up so she drained it again. We waited a day and half and it wouldn't go away. She was still in pain and now the area was itchy. I thought that's a new symptom, so off we went to emergency.

I can't remember the last time I was in the emergency room. It was about 6 years ago, thank God. This was my first time going to emergency around where I live, so I didn't know what to expect. If it was going to be clean, etc. It was clean, at least in the waiting room area. My daughter didn't wanted me to go inside with her so I don't know how the other area was. I told her to keep an eye on everything they used, to make sure it was new out a package. We got there around 5PM and left at around 9:30PM. So glad we went early! They didn't make her wait long because it was an infection, if not we would have to wait a lot longer.

The doctor was very nice. He made sure my daughter was ready before he started anything. After he disinfected the area, he injected anesthesia to numb the area. Made an incision to drain the abscess which took some time. Then put a packing gauze inside, put gauze on top and wrapped the area with more gauze. Prescribed her ibuprofen for the pain and told her to go back in 3 days to remove the packing gauze. He said that it will take about a week to heal. So far so good as you can see in the last photo or so I thought. She now has another one under her arm. It still small so we are hoping it will burst by itself and it will go away. She has been putting an onion to see what happens. This time I'm not going to wait too long for her to go to the doctor. 

The whole thing tired me out emotionally and physically. I have been in a zombie state, but slowly I'm coming out of it or at least I'm trying. Been keeping up with some of the blogs I usually read even though I don't comment. Hopefully the new bump won't turn into a monster abscess again. Wish me luck...♥♥   


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