Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Weekend.

PhotobucketHow are you staying cool? I have stayed inside as much as I possibly can. I thought I had to go out yesterday morning, but I didn't. It rained late last night a bit so it has cooled down somewhat. Seems like we are getting some relief this coming week, thank God!

I cooked extra food yesterday, so I didn't have to cook today. Too hot to be in the kitchen everyday. I made arroz con salchichas, pink beans, corn and maduros. Haven't made that in ages so it was a tasty change. Not mention super cheap!
I'm sitting here listening to 80's music on Spotify, waiting for my son to finish with the TV so I can watch one of the movies we rented. We rented John Carter and Underworld: Awakening. I know he's not going to want to watch Underworld so I'll watch it by myself because my daughter is out with friends. Plug in the headphones and enjoy some ME time. I hope both movies are good.

I haven't done the #PhotoADayJuly from Fat Mum Slim yet, so here are my photos starting from July 4th. I have to get used to taking photos when I'm outside. I'm shy about it, I keep forgetting that these days it is OK to snap a picture whenever you want to! Well, not always but you know what I mean. I didn't do Day 7 (garden) because I didn't have a picture for that day. Check out Fat Mum Slim's blog if you want to join the fun. You can share them through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest or your blog. 


  • Day 4 - Fun. Love Drop Dead Diva but I don't have the channel so I have to stream it on Netflix. 
  • Day 5 - On The Floor. We were on the train as you can see. I noticed his sneakers and remembered I needed a picture, lol. I pretended I was doing something on my cell, lol.
  • Day 6 - Chair. Was at McDonald's waiting for my daughter. I waited for over two hours for her. I was getting the evil eye from the cleaning lady even though I had bought something eat.
  • Day 8 - Lunch. Comida de pobres/poor people food. Egg and mozzarella cheese grilled sandwich. I normally would use American cheese, but I had some mozzarella cheese and didn't want it to go to waste. Tasty!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. I did, gracias a Dios...♥♥

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