Saturday, May 2, 2009

Buy that Protection Plan!

I wrote about Sony making a cut on their PS2 not too long ago. I mentioned that they are going to make a lot money off it because of the economy. Well, they are sure making lots of more millions after April 1! This is what happened, I bought my kids a PS3 in 2007. It was very expensive so that was my son's Birthday present and their Christmas's present. We didn't have any problem with it. It ran smoothly, we watched movies with it and they used it everyday.

On April 1 there was an update and my son of course was happy because that means they add new things. He set it up to download and we sat down to eat dinner. Then out of the blue the PS3 turns off by itself. He thought it had finished downloading and for some reason it needed to restart. He didn't think anything of it but went to check anyway and that's when the shit hit the fan! The damn thing wouldn't go on, it would beep to go on and then it would beep twice and go off again. The PS3 was dead! He got really upset and so did I! I thought immediately it had to be the update. Sure enough I went to check on their forum and there where about 30 other people already who had the same problem. Plus there were others who's playstation started glitching after the update.

Our warranty had already expired of course. We then found out Sony decided it was not their fault that over 300 PS3 consoles got fucked up because of their update and said that if we wanted our consoles repaired each one of us unlucky motherfuckers who's console got fucked had to pay $150 + tax!! Can you fucking believe it? I called them of course and let them know that was a shitty thing to do. The representative tells me there is nothing she could do and gave me the info. This is when the whole protection plan came in. When I bought it I put a protection plan for 2 or 3 years from Circuit City. It cost me $150 because it has the accidental protection also. Sure it's a lot of money to pay but the console cost me a lot so I said it is worth it.

Circuit City as you know closed, I thought how the hell am I going to contact these people if I can contact them at all. Will I get my money etc. I was a nervous wreck because it cost a lot, we use it to watch movies and aside the computer, TV that's the only entertainment we have. Thanks to google (one of the best things ever invented!) I found the telephone number of the insurance company from other people who also had bought their TV, computer etc from Circuit City. They had horror stories about the insurance company saying they never got their money, others got half of the money they paid for the item and some are still waiting for it. I called them and everything went smoothly. They said I would get the money as soon as UPS scanned the label, around 7 to 10 days. I thought that sounds too good to be true! Still a nervous wreck I sent it in. I tracked the package to make sure I know what's going on. It was picked up on April 22 and they received it on April 28. The same day they received it I got my check in the mail!! Shit you have no idea how happy I was when I got that check!

We went that same day to purchase a new one (PS3) and put a protection plan on it again. All with the money I got from the insurance, I didn't had to pay a cent. We ended up losing $65 because the MGS4 (son was pissed about that, since he met Hideo when he bought it) disk was stuck inside and we couldn't get it out since the console wouldn't turn on. Why Sony didn't added the little hole computers have to take out a disk, have no idea! Wouldn't it be nice if whoever opens the console sends us back the disk? NOT!

So people if you purchase something that is over $100/$150 and you are not rich, add that protection plan! Depending on what you get they offer 2 to 3 years for $60 or more. For those of you who purchased something from Circuit City and need to get in touch with the insurance company you can go here and here to find out where to call.

Oh and by the way that same night we took out our PS2 to use meanwhile and the button to open the disk door got stuck, second console (with protection plan) also because the first one stopped working. I tried to get it unstuck but nada, it stopped working also! So we lost 2 damn Playstations in one night. Just our luck...
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  1. That is crazy!! I'm glad u got a new one though. Great researching too!!

  2. Yes, I can understand if they charge $50 but $150? That's a rip off especially when it was their fault!


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