Saturday, February 19, 2011

Windy Day! & PhotoHunt.

PhotobucketIt's very windy in NY today! I have my window open even though is cold because I like hearing the sound of the wind and I want some clean air to come in. I went to the supermarket last night and I'm glad I did. By the time I got back the wind started picking up to the point I had to walk with my eyes closed because of the dirt floating around. As I was waiting for my son to come down to help me with the groceries I had to hold on to my cart, lol. That's how windy it was, today it is worse. So be careful out there mi gente!

I haven't done PhotoHunt in a while, mainly because the majority of my photos are in a drive that stopped working so I can't find pictures to go with some of the themes. I had one for this week's theme, Silhouette. My son took this picture of our cat with his cell phone about three years ago. He likes to sit/lay on the windowsill when is warm out to enjoy the sun. If you would like to join PhotoHunt visit tnchick's blog. Happy Saturday!♥♥


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