Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Finally Gave In!

Netflix New Releases
Netflix New Releases
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Last night I was watching Netflix with my son, we were watching Ancient Aliens. I was searching for something to watch with him but Netfllix doesn't have much that he likes these days. Finally, I decide on Ancient Aliens. At first he didn't wanted to watch it, but then he stopped complaining. After an hour or so he fell asleep and so did I. Not that the show sucks, it's very interesting. I wanted to keep watching it when I woke up, but I want to save it to keep watching with my son. I started watching Drop Dead Diva, I love this show! Too bad I don't have the channel, but for now I still have two and half seasons to watch. I thought it was canceled, but I checked online and it doesn't say that it was!

After, I started looking through the movies to add to my queue but most of the movies are old and I don't always want to watch TV shows. So I went online to check what new movies are out on DVD. Turns out, I'm missing so many good movies I decided to rent again. Even if it is for this month. I couldn't help it! For tomorrow we are getting The Darkest Hour and Chronicle. There is a short wait on Chronicle so if we don't get that one we'll get John Carter. I'm obsessed with Sci-fi these days. From zombies, to demons, to aliens! Anyone else decided to rent now that summer is here? 

While I was adding movies to my queue I noticed the picture below, lol. Someone didn't read the tittle well. They put the wrong cover for the movie Batman Forever. I checked and it is still there. Netflix Fail! 

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