Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo A Day June Challenge - Day 10

I'm late with this, but I was busy all day doing laundry, etc. I got this Photo A Day for June from New York Chica's blog. These are fun, so once again I'm joining. This photo a day is from Fat Mum Slim. First time visiting her blog, I am glad I did. I love her writing style. You can follow her on Twitter @FatMumSlim. To participate, share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest or on your blog. Make sure you add the hashtag #photoadayjune when you share them. I still might do the other one that I found through Mami Dearest just because.

I'm starting this challenge with Day 10, the best bit of your weekend. We stayed in all weekend (my son and I) since I'm getting over a cold that wouldn't go away (had it for over a week) and I still have a sore throat. Well, that and there is no money to spend right now. Saturday, I spent it watching creepy movies and TV shows with my daughter until very late. I started watching Don't be Afraid of the Dark by myself, but my daughter got curious and ended up watching it with me. We gave it 4 stars out 5. We liked it a lot. The girl in this movie, Bailee Madison is another actress that has a great future ahead of her just like Dakota Fanning. This little little girl can act! Also in the movie, Katie Holmes. It was a treat to see her.

Then we saw Quarantine 2, even though we didn't see the first one. I've been waiting for Netflix to stream the first part, but got tired of waiting. We gave it 4 out of 5 stars, it was entertaining, believable and nerve wrecking! We jumped a few times, lol.

Then my daughter asked if The Walking Dead was streaming. She wanted to see because all her friends have been talking about it. Luckily, Netflix still has it streaming! I thought I had seen all the episodes from Season 1, but last night I noticed I missed at least two, so it was good that I decided to see it again. We are up to episode 5. I'm dying for Netflix to finally stream the second season. I saw almost all the episodes online, I haven't seen the last two. Can't wait! I read somewhere we have to wait until August or September for the second season to stream on Netflix. That's just cruel if you ask me!Photobucket

The photo of the pollo en escabeche, that was our dinner for Saturday and Sunday. I got that recipe from Cuponeando a few months back and it has become one of our favorites! In case you want to try it follow this link to Cuponeando...

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