Monday, August 13, 2012

Life - Venting!

And no I don't mean farting. I am a pretty patient person. I have been through a lot of crap so I have learned to have patience, but this bitch upstairs or whoever the hell is, it's getting on my nerves. Every day I have to put up with two hours of jumping. Not a little bit of jumping, is jumping that shakes the light bulb jumping. My guess, she's exercising. I understand that one has to exercise to stay healthy, etc. But how the hell can a person not know that her/his jumping is bothering other people. Why can't she/he jump lighter? Yes, it can be done. I have done it!

Before it used to be a treadmill, and yes it was annoying, but it wasn't really loud. It has gotten to the point where I try not use the area where I hear the noise the most when she's exercising. Ridiculous! I can't catch a break.

When it's not one thing is another one. The bitches/assholes sitting in front of the building for hours with chairs like that's their living room. Kicking the front door at all hours so their madre hears them on the third floor and come open the door for them. They can't spend $10 to make an extra key, but they can wear the latest name brand sneakers. Hollering for someone to come down to open the door even though they have a cell phone with them and there is a pay phone right there. They can't even walk in the hallway without making noise. Mierda!

You know, one of the biggest misconceptions is that All people living in the ghetto are ghetto and enjoy living like that. Sure move in and bring your ghettoness with you. We love it, we can't get enough. Fuck, no! Most of us live here because the rent is too damn expensive anywhere else. So it is either live around here or be homeless.

Ok, feeling a bit better now that I got it off my chest...

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