Monday, September 3, 2012

Life & Happy Labor Day!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Labor Day! I meant to post this earlier, but I have been fiddling with my computer. We didn't do anything special as usual. We stayed in, each of us is doing their own thing right now. My daughter is in her room, son is in the living room (where I am) playing video games. I'm on my computer catching up on blogs and searching for things on, and adding them to my wish list, lol. One can dream, right?

Why is it that when you are extremely broke that's when everything decides to break at the same time? My computer has been driving me crazy because it keeps rebooting. So, when I was about to buy a new power supply to hopefully get rid of the problem, I noticed that the fan on the power supply for the kid's computer stopped working! Grrr! A computer that until now has never given me any problem. I had to order a power supply for their computer instead of mine. It gets here on Wednesday. I'm crossing my fingers that it will start the computer without any problems.

What else broke? My glasses frame broke. I had to fix them with krazy glue because I can't get a new pair yet. I mentioned on this post that I have to have three eye exams. The doctor told me to wait until I'm done with the exams before I get a new pair. I hope everything will be done by the end of this month because these glasses are too old. I need a stronger prescription.

Bueno, I should get back to the kitchen to keep cooking dinner. Today's dinner? Chicken en escabeche, yum! Then, to watch Warehouse 13 or a movie on Netflix.Photobucket

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