Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Best Friend These Days..

You know how when you are broke everything seems to decide to either break or stop working. Well that's what has been happening to me a lot! That's when my best friend comes to my rescue, Mr. Krazy Glue.

I've had a lot of things that have broken lately. The hook that holds the shower head broke, it cost me $25 so I was very upset when it broke. I ended up fixing it with Mr. Krazy Glue. My daughter's favorite pulsera/bracelet broke and he came to do the rescue again. A pair of headphones that are at least 5 years old that I use to watch TV late at night. They broke twice already and I fixed them with my friend Mr. Krazy Glue! They are pretty good and I doubt I will find them. I'm sure more things will keep breaking even though I'm very careful with everything since I can't afford to replace anything. I keep two tubes of Mr. Krazy Glue just in case!

The Carbon Monoxide Alarm batteries just ran out! I have no batteries, just great. See what I mean, lol. Of course my friend can't come to the rescue on that one. Something else I have to stock up on. What do you keep in stock just in case? Pin It Now!


  1. That sucks!! I hate when things break and when you are careful especially.. I have batteries on hand, medicines and papertowels...LOL

  2. I have to stock up on batteries, tissues, halls (sore throat time), toilet paper & paper towels too.

  3. I stock up on ketchup packets because my boys seem to drink ketchup and nooooooo its not cause of my cooking! LOL


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