Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time To Look For A New Service? - Update.

One more day until the end of the week! Sunny day in New York, so far. Ok, yesterday I blogged about my cable/internet service problem with Cablevision. Well, here is the conclusion. The phone eventually rang around 1:40PM. The super was finally around so I called the technician. Fast forward an hour and a half later, the technician finally comes in to check the back of the building. After some back and forth he finally tells me he can't get any signal at all. I knew this was bad news of course. 

He goes on to say that the line is in an area he can't get to because it is locked (the owner, doesn't live here) and no one have access to it. What does that mean? According to the technician, I would have to keep an eye out for the person to be around and then call him. Which meant I wasn't going to have service for who knows how long. Plus, it was a two man job. The tone of my voice changed of course and he noticed it, lol. 

Luckily for me, another technician got in touch to let him know he was going to come help him with the job. After an hour or so they managed to install a new line, I finally had cable and internet service! I could tell he was annoyed by the time he left but hey it wasn't my fault they had to do extra work. Who's to blame? The person who installed the first line!

LOL, I just received a phone call from Cablevision with a satisfaction survey about the phone calls, work done and the technician. I'm not kidding. I pressed excellent for every question of course because he did came by a second time the same day and my service is working. So far, it looks like a cancellation is not going to happen. Yet. 

image credit: The Altie Overdrive

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