Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time To Look For A New Service?

My week was going fine/Ok until last night. Daughter got home, closed the door...the internet goes down. It's like she brought malos espiritus/evil spirits with her. I thought, ok it will start working again in an hour or two. It didn't. Then the cable went down. I called Cablevision, yes unfortunately I'm stuck with them. I was expecting that there was a problem around my area. Nope, not the case. A signal was sent to my box but nothing happened. At this point I was semi upset but still trying to keep my cool. The customer service representative (insert sarcasm) tells me he has to send someone to take a look at the box and the modem. Next available appointment, Thursday! I asked him politely if that was the earliest appointment and of course he answers yes. 

Then I asked him about the internet, he says that's not his department. I'm starting to get more upset but kept my cool, barely. Finally got off the phone and then it hit me. I shouldn't have to wait until Thursday for an appointment. They (Cablevision) messed up (long story) and now they expect me to wait until Thursday? Called again, told the customer service representative that I shouldn't have to wait until Thursday because...He says; let me see what I can do. Someone always cancels, I will call you by 11PM to let you know if there is anything open. Meanwhile, I asked him to put me through the internet department. The internet customer service representative (again sarcasm) tells me the same thing but he schedules an appointment for today. I don't have to wait for him to call me like the other customer service representative.

Fast forward to today, the technician comes early but needs to have access to the back of the building. The area needs to be opened by the super. Ok, no problem I told the technician. I'll just call the super. The super, he's at another building doing some work! The other person to have access is not here either. Just my freaking luck, my hopes for getting this resolve today are dwindling. To my surprise the technician didn't look upset at all. He tells me, you have my number on your cell. Call me before 5PM when he (the super) gets here. I hope he's (the technician) getting paid good money. Called the super (yes, lots of phone calls) to let him know, he says that someone should be here by 5PM. So far nada. I'm still holding on to the hope that my cell phone will ring before 4:30PM.

I know some of you must be saying, bitch is just cable and internet. True, but when that's the only form of entertainment you have, your daughter uses it for work, I need it to make unos chavitos extra and I'm getting ripped off by the company - I have the right to be a bit bitchy.♥ 

image credit: The Smarter Wallet

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