Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Been Busy With Life.

Sorry, I haven't been blogging that much lately. I have been busy with life. By the time I get home, all I want to do is sit down for the rest of the day but I can't because I have to get in the kitchen to cook dinner. Thank God mis hijos/my kids are not too picky when it comes to dinner!

I'm still in search of the fan that will satisfy my needs, lol. I'm laughing but I'm frustrated at this point. I purchased three and had to return them all! First I bought the Holmes Stand Fan (18 inches) for $39.99 + $17 for the protection plan. I returned it because even though it was big it didn't blow enough air and it was too quiet. Ok, I just realized this sounds a bit dirty!Photobucket

Anyway, then I bought the Honeywell Quiet Stand Fan (16 inches), it was on sale for $45 + $17 for the protection plan. I read the reviews, people said it was good but noisy. It was neither! Didn't blow enough air and it was quiet. At least too quiet for me. The first two I got them at Target. The third one I bought it at Best Buy. At this point I was willing to pay a little bit more. I bought the Honeywell Whole Room Air Circulator fan, I paid $39.99 but didn't get the protection plan. I overpaid for this one because they have it at Target for less. Problem is, they only sell it online. I had this fan (or so I thought) years back and it lasted for about two to three years. I get to Best Buy, I'm almost running because they had only two left. I was even thinking of buying two of them! The problem, it was the same fan but in a smaller size! I was so fucking pissed, lol. It blows good air but not enough for the price I paid and again it was too quiet. 

So I still have no fan. Searched online at Sears, Kmart and Walmart. Found one at Sears, OceanAire High Velocity Floor Fan (20 inches) for $49.99. Have to pick it up all the way down in Queens but I don't care, I need a good noisy fan, coño. Hopefully this one will be IT! My daughter told me when I bought the last one, you better like this one because we are not going to exchange another fan! LOL I said ok, I went to return it with my son.Photobucket

Other than returning fans, I have been going to appointments and running errands. Had blood work done because I haven't done that since last year, actually I think it has been longer than that. My thyroid is probably out of balance. I get the results next week, wish I didn't have to wait that long. It's a bit nerve wrecking! Now to make a visit to the dentist (how I dread this visit!) and the ophthalmologist. My vision has gotten bad, can't barely read anything without my glasses anymore. La vejez/Old age!

Talking about old age, recently I noticed I have lots of gray hairs around my hairline, mainly on the sides! I'm feeling like Samantha from Sex in the City, when she found a gray hair on her crotch, lol! She bought hair dye to dye her pubic hairs, lol. I did the same thing! No, not for my crotch. LOL I bought two boxes of Lorea'l Feria Power Reds #R68. It is super red, but because my hair dark brown is going to look darker. I love that color, makes me feel sexy! Hopefully it will cover all my canas/gray hairs. I'll post a picture..

Bueno, there you have it. That's some of what I have been doing lately. Hope everyone is enjoying their night, evening, afternoon or morning!Photobucket

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