Thursday, June 14, 2012

June Monthly Preguntas!

PhotobucketIt's time for the monthly questions from Lisa. This is a nice way to share a bit of ourselves and get to know one another. If you would like to join the fun visit the From One Country To Another Blog.

1. So because we have recently gotten engaged I was wondering how all your hubby's popped the big question?

First, congrats to Lisa on her engagement! I'm not married anymore but this is how it happened. We were both living in Puerto Rico when we tried to elope because my grandmother didn't wanted us to keep seeing each other. However, my aunt ended up picking me up at his house a few hours later, after my mother had spoken to both of us over the phone. I ended up moving to NY after that and before I left Puerto Rico he told me we will get married when I get there. So that was it...

2. What Jewelery do you wear daily?

A small stud cross earring. I've had it for ages and I never take it off. When I go out I wear three silver rings and a pair of earrings. I need to buy some jewelry!

3. Have you ever been told you talk in your sleep?

Yes! I talk, laugh, chew and scream, lol. Yes, I have woken up chewing air because I was dreaming about food!

4. What are 3 websites you visit daily?

Plurk, Twitter, AOL

5. Are you allergic to anything?

Read this again and I decided to change it because I am allergic to certain things. When I first read the question I thought about a deadly allergic reaction kind of thing. I am allergic to cats (yes, I have one!), certain scents (vanilla gives me a huge headache), dust, pollen & mold. I love going to Bed Bath & Beyond, but I can't stay long because I start sneezing like crazy and my eyes get super itchy because all the scented candles, etc.

6. Have you ever had the chicken pox?

Yes, but I really don't remember when. I do remember my cousin being sick with it and I was putting Caladryl on her.

7. Last book you read?

A Sudden Change of Heart by Barbara Taylor Bradford

8.  4 of your Favorite Alcoholic drinks.

I don't drink so I don't have that many favorites, lol. One I liked a lot when I was in Puerto Rico was 43 mixed with milk. Yum!

9. What color is your bedroom wall painted?


10.Finish the sentence...

I'm hungry for...... Cinnabons
I'm wearing...... nightgown and short socks
I'm sad when..... when I read the news from around where I live.
I feel like.... I wish it was Fall already. Can't wait for cooler temperatures.

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