Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life, Photo A Day June & Movies.

I can't believe is already the middle of June! Not that I'm complaining that time is going by fast, if I could hibernate until fall I would, lol. I'm sure if I lived somewhere else I wouldn't hate summer as much, but I don't so estoy jodida. Although I noticed that since the jerks who sit in front of the building got shot at during the memorial weekend they don't sit in front as often anymore. Yes, you heard that right. I was trying to enjoy myself on the Saturday of that weekend, watching a movie. My son was on the computer and my daughter was on her way here when we heard the noise. I thought it was firecrackers, but then I heard all of them running inside, that's when I knew it was something else.

The police shows up, turns out someone from the building on the corner from across shot at them at least five times and one the bullets hit one girl on the leg. She was also sitting outside in front. My daughter called me three minutes after it happened, she was two blocks away at the bodega. I told her to wait a bit before coming home. She finally came home and on her way here another girl told her what happened. Of course they were still standing outside gossiping about it at least two hours after it happened. I knew something like that was going to happen and I even told the cops last year. One of those bullets could have ended up inside my living room as they were sitting right outside my windows or the girl who got hit could have been my daughter. I try not to think about it and hope that God will protect me and mis hijios. 

I have been watching movies on Netflix lately since there is not much on TV these days or at least not anything worth watching. Last night I finished watching The Walking Dead season one with my daughter. It was better the second time around! Rick so rocks my world! That man exudes macho, lol. My daughter was disappointed they only made six episodes, but she's definitely a fan. After that, I started watching The Last Exorcism by myself, but again my daughter got curious and ended up watching it with me, lol. Let me tell you, the movie wasn't that great, but it keeps you guessing. You don't know what the fuck is going to happen next! It was entertaining that's for sure. My daughter ended up sleeping in the living room because she was scared even though she decided to finish watching The Last Airbender to get the other movie out of her mind. The Last Airbender, I tried watching it, but it is so bad I can't enjoy the movie. Bad acting and bad script. Am I the only one who feels that way about this movie?

Here are my photos for the Photo A Day June challenge. I'm up to date so far, yay me! This challenge is from Fat Mum Slim. If you want to join, check out her blog. You can share via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or your blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!♥♥

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