Friday, September 14, 2012

Craptastic Mood & Friday Fill-Ins.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been in a horrible mood. Although I want to post every day, once I sit here my mind goes blank. Last weekend I had a good therapy session and I was having a good day until I came home. Even though it was raining, the assholes that sit in front of the building couldn't go inside their apartment. Instead, they were sitting on the stairs inside the building. They didn't bother to move out of the way even though we were carrying bags from the supermarket.

Then as if that wasn't enough once I'm inside my apartment, the asshole downstairs after two months or so of not doing this, started blaring his music like he was at a club. This lasted from around 6:30PM to 12:00AM. The next day, I thought I was going to get some peace, no. He started with the same crap around 10:45AM until 2:30PM, then it started around 8PM again. I am not going to lie, I wanted to go downstairs and beat the shit out of him. I am in no way condoning violence, but I can understand why some people snap. I woke up shaking, I was so upset. I had to go in the bathroom to have a good cry a few times this week until I felt better.  

Needless to say, I have been upset about this all week. I don't know what to expect this weekend. If he is going to do this again or if he received a call from the landlord. I called and left a message on the landlord's answer machine. They never returned my phone call. Until now I haven't sent them a noise complaint in writing because I want to avoid problems and I don't think it would make a difference anyway. However, if this happens again this weekend I'm going to force myself to go that route. Enough is enough.

My daughter hates being here because of this. At first it would upset me that she wanted to be out as much as she could. Now I understand her. Who wants to be in a place that makes you feel anxious and angry? Moving is not an option, if that was the case I would have moved at the first sign of problems. Well, if I hit the lotto, then I would. I wouldn't wait a week! I would pack a few things and leave the rest, coño.

I decided long ago to cut the people that were sucking the life out of me out of my life. So besides my therapist and mis hijos I don't talk to anyone else. My therapist said it is good I have a blog. It's a way of communicating with other people. She even suggested that I join a group with my same interests to meet offline. I laughed. I mean, it sounds nice, but I doubt I will have the guts to do that. Listen to me, I sound like one of those movies where the character is talking to their shrink, lol.

I can feel my mood changing as I'm typing this. Blogging about the crap that is going on in your life does help make you feel better even if it is temporarily. It might not work for everyone, but for me it seems to work somewhat.

Anyway, here are my Friday Fill-Ins. If you want to join the fun follow the link. Have wonderful day!Photobucket 

1. Sunshine, how are you today? 
2. I'm going to take a shower is the last thing I overheard someone say. 
3. I found a recipe for a low fat cake and it really tasted good! 
4. I'm looking forward to cold weather
5. Right now, I'm moody/anxious as hell
6. Getting comments on my blog makes me smile!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to vege out in front of my computer, tomorrow my plans include running errands and Sunday, I want to hopefully have a quiet day, something I didn't get last Sunday!

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