Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Get The Same Look For Less!

Most women these days want to look like a celebrity. I mean, let's face it, celebrities are everywhere, pushing products and clothing everyday. Whatever they wear most of us want to wear it. However, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars to look like a celebrity. Some of us have to make do with what we can afford, right? Just because something costs more it doesn't mean that it's a better product. That's not always the case.

I can't afford to buy high end cosmetics or clothes, so I choose a few things that I think should be of higher quality. I have oily skin, so I feel I should spend a bit more on my foundation, blush and one or two good makeup brushes like the ones from Bh Cosmetics. The rest I purchase at the drugstore, at least for now. I read and watch video reviews on products I plan to buy ahead of time to make sure that it's worth the money. Although some stores let you exchange/return products.

If you take a look at this infographic below, you can see how much celebrities spend to look the way they look. Wow! Although for some, no matter how much they spend, it really doesn't make a difference because of their lifestyles, if you know what I mean. I read about the makeup styles. I think I'm either type 4 or 5, which is either Selena Gomez or Beyonce's look. I tend to do the type 5 look without eyeliner during warm to hot weather, or if I'm in a rush. During colder weather, I wear a bit of more makeup because it doesn't melt off my face in an hour. Check out the rest below, there are 6 in total. You will also find beauty tips from two former supermodels. What fruits and veggies would make your skin look better and more. Great tips if you ask me! 

inspired beauty infographic, Bhcosmetics.com
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