Monday, April 30, 2012

No More Semi Cold Food!

PhotobucketI haven't blogged in almost a week. Not that I didn't wanted to, but I have been busy with life, running around doing errands, etc. Also, a freaking pipe broke in the apartment above mine so the water ended up in my living room. Lucky me! Part of my ceiling is basically hanging by a thread of paint. Can you say that? I don't know. Anyway, this happened last week on Thursday. So we have been limited to a corner of the living room. Not fun at all. Was told they were coming today at 9am to fix it but so far nada. I had to cancel an appointment to stay here so they better show up, coño!

As you can see by the picture below, I finally was able to buy a microwave! It's so shiny and new! It's not a fancy one with all the bells and whistles but it is good enough for us. We bought it at Target for $59.99 plus the protection plan, $17. Had to spend those extra dollars so I don't end up losing money if this stops working out of the blue. God, how missed having microwave, had to use the oven to warm up everything. There were many times I had to eat my dinner semi cold because I didn't wanted to turn on the oven. So yay for me, I can now warm up my food in one minute!

We also bought a desk for my daughter's bedroom. She has a desk but not in her bedroom, we have it in the living room with her computer that my son also uses. We started putting it together at 2am and we finished at 4:30am. We took our time because we didn't wanted to mess it up. Well, we missed a step, so we had to unscrew two parts half way to fix it. It turned out perfect though, with no broken parts or crooked screws! Looks nice doesn't it? She's ecstatic with her new desk, waited a long time for it.

Oh, I also bought a new fan. Well, sort of. That's for my next post. Hope everyone is enjoying their day. Happy Monday!♥♥

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