Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shakira & Rihanna's Latest Music Videos!

These are the latest music videos from Shakira (Addicted To You) and Rihanna (Where Have You Been). I love both videos/songs! Great songs to dance to. Shakira is looking better than ever. Love how sexy she looks without looking slutty, if you know what I mean. The outfit with the polka dots blouse, love it! One of the lyrics, Quiero que te dejes querer. For some reason I find that lyric sexy as hell, lol. Am I  the only one who finds it sexy?

Rihanna's video is completely different. Great video as usual. She almost never disappoints with her videos. She changes looks a few times which is one of the things I like. The dancing is hot, I wish I could see it on TV to enjoy it fully. My pc graphics card sucks, so I can't see it in full HD. Oh, one thing I noticed, she lost some weight. She's looking a little bit too thin. I don't mean to criticize, but she's never been one to look really thin, so I was surprised...

Both videos ROCK!

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