Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April's Monthly Preguntas!

PhotobucketThis a fun questionnaire I started doing last month from the blog From One Country To Another. Every month Lisa posts a set of questions, it's a fun way to get to know one another and discover more bloggers out there. Follow the link to her blog if you would like to join.

1. Name three things you have a fear of.

Dying before my kids are all grown up.
Something happening to my kids.
2. Cheese or Fruit Pie  Cheese
long or short hair - Long
small town or big city - Before it was big city now I'm not so sure. Guess I'm tired of the noise.
Blue cheese or Ranch - Ranch
White or Wheat Bread - White
3. Have you ever won a contest?

Not that I can remember.

4. Would you rather camp out or stay in a Hilton?


5. Have you ever had surgery?

Not yet, thank God!

6. Are you a planner or go with the flow kind of person?


7.If you could have anything to eat right now what would it be?

A cinnabon! Been craving those for over a year. Might finally get some this week...

8. What is your favorite type of flower?

I don't really have a favorite. I like black roses, daisies and calla lilies.

9. Do you remember your dreams? Do you have any?

Most of the time. I'm reading Interview with the Vampire from Ann Rice for the first time. Saw the movie ages ago and loved it. Now that I'm reading the book it stays in my mind because they changed some things in the movie. I dreamed that I was a Vampire, lol. Scary but a bad ass dream!

10. What do you miss most about your childhood?

My grandmother's cooking.

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