Thursday, June 7, 2012

If You Still Care - Summer TV Calendar

PhotobucketAfter all the cancellations (seven or eight in total!) of TV shows I was watching. I'm not sure if I even want to pick up more shows. We take the time to watch it, record it, tweet it, check it in getglue and we even post about it in our blogs. And for what? In the end, we (the fans) are the last ones the networks think about when they decide to cancel a show. Yes, I'm one of those!

Personally, if I was an actor this would piss me off. Networks should be forced to give a show at least two seasons before talking about cancellation. All the hard work they (actors and crew) put in, moving to other cities (sometimes with their families in tow), waking up early and going to bed late for months. Ridiculous!

I have stopped watching some shows because of this, but that's another post. In case you are still interested in adding more shows to your list or finding out when the old ones you watch are coming back, here is the summer TV calendar. I only have the basic channels, so for summer there is not much that is worth watching. More stupid so call (even though they are not) reality shows, they keep popping up everywhere. Meanwhile the good shows get canceled.Photobucket



image credit: TV Guide

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