Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update On Daughter & #PhotoADayAug

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For those who like me, try home remedies before running to the store, etc. I wanted to update you on my daughter's underarm bump. It's not longer there! The onion worked. I forgot to take pictures of the before and after though. The trick is to put the onion as soon as you see it. Before the bump gets big, that way when it comes to the surface it will be able to drain because there is not a big amount of debris.

Of course there is a chance that it might not always work. Like what happened with the first bump on her leg. I'm in no way saying that you should not go to the doctor, etc. I'm just sharing my experience using this home remedy.

The bump on her leg healed nicely, thank God. She has learned her lesson after this. She shaved with an old razor and instead of using shaving cream, she used soap because she was in a hurry. She probably cut herself and that's how it got infected. So don't risk it. Use a new razor!

Now to my Photo A Day August from @FatMumSlim. Check out her blog for the rules on how to play. You can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr or you Blog. I have missed one day so far. Not bad! I would like to share them on Instagram, but I have an Android phone so I have to crop the photo before uploading it. Most of the time I end having to crop the best part of the photo so sometimes I don't bother. It sucks. They have to change that and they should let us upload from the web already. I don't know if you have to do that with the iPhone. Do let me know if you are an iPhone user. Yo quiero saber, I'm nosey like that.Photobucket    

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