Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's Been Going On.

PhotobucketBeen trying to blog for the past week but always something gets in the way. For instance, by Wednesday I had a full blown cold or so I thought. Friday, I woke up feeling like I was carrying a bus on top of my head. Couldn't go out at all. Feeling a bit better today, so far. The next thing will be dealing with the coughing, I bought a bag of Halls, I am prepared!Photobucket

My weekend has been peaceful so far and I am so grateful about that! It was almost spoiled by a leak from upstairs. Yes, another one. Thank God my daughter noticed it right away. It was in the kitchen next to my microwave. The new one I just bought not too long ago! I sent my daughter upstairs to let her know, her answer, it was an accident. I understand it was an accident, but how many fucking accidents can you have? This is the third time this happens in the kitchen. If you leave your water running make sure nothing is going to clog the sink. Keep in mind that you have children, that they can come and clog the sink without you noticing. I let it go, didn't call the super because she caught it on time and I hate having to talk to that asshole. Next time, I'm not so sure...

I said on this post, that I had gone to the doctor to do blood work, etc. Well, I got the results and as I suspected my thyroid is low. I was prescribed three meds. One for thyroids, cholesterol and for Diabetes. This is my first time taking the last two. I was also given a glucose testing meter. I have to check my sugar every day and if it is below 100, I don't have to take the pill. It was a bit scary and overwhelming listening to the doctor telling me all of this. However, I now know where all the symptoms I have been having come from. I'm changing my diet little by little. I'm now cooking more with olive oil and once I run out of vegetable oil, I'm switching to canola oil. Baby steps.

Also, remember when I said I had gone cold turkey and stopped taking my antidepressants last year. Since then, I have lost close to 20 pounds and although it is not a huge amount of weight to some, to me it is. I started seeing a therapist again, but I'm not taking any antidepressants. It has been a month so far, and it has helped a lot. Not only me, my whole family. We see her as a family, but sometimes I go alone. I still get anxiety, but in other aspects I'm feeling a bit better. My self-esteem has gone up an inch.Photobucket

Well, there you have it, that is some of what's been going on in my life. I hope everyone is enjoying the few hours hours of the weekend we have left, that's depending where you are of course.♥♥

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