Friday, January 11, 2013

Life & Late Friday Fill-Ins...

raining winter night

I'm so enjoying tonight's weather! It's perfect for cuddling on the sofa with a cup of café watching a movie on Netflix. Which is what I am going to do a bit later, lol. I'm dying for the cold temperatures to come back later this week.♥

Well, the second week of the new year is almost over. How is it going so far? Keeping up with the resolutions? I stopped making resolutions years ago because I never kept them. Now, I just make wishes and hope some of them come true!

Sorry, I haven't been blogging that much for the past months. Not much has been going on, at least nothing that I feel comfortable blogging about. Things have been quiet around here for a bit, no loud music coming from downstairs so far. Can't tell you how happy I am about that. I have been able to enjoy (somewhat) my weekends because of it. I hope I'm not jinxing it by blogging about it.

I have had problems with water leaks in the ceiling. Three leaks this week alone. One from people who let their tub overflow. Water was coming down like it was raining. I was pissed because they fixed that part of the ceiling over the summer, they did a horrible job. It's an eyesore, now it looks worse. I was told someone was going to pass by on Monday, but no one did. Then two days later I have another leak (same spot) from the bathroom of the apartment above me. It leaks when they shower, a few drops only, but it's annoying no matter what. Just last night I had the same problem. I sent my daughter to let them know, she said the super knew, but hadn't passed by to fix the problem. Hopefully, he did so today. We'll see over the weekend.

As I was typing this I found out one of my daughter's friend mother might have cancer. Although I don't know either of them personally, I feel I know them because my daughter talks about them often. She's going through a rough time because her husband is ill and now this. I hope is nothing serious and if it is I hope that it is not terminal. Her daughter would be devastated as she's an only child. I believe in the power of a prayer, so please if you can, include their family in your prayers. I will be eternally grateful.♥♥

I am late with my meme, but I wasn't in the blogging mood earlier today. Here are my late Friday-Fill-Ins. Visit their blog to join the fun!

Enjoy your weekend, mi gente/people!

1. Wake up the ceiling is leaking!
2. I remember all the fun we had.
3. Every picture makes me want to travel.
4. My cat has been a little too quiet lately.
5. Stay with me until I finish watching this spooky movie.
6. I wish I could cook in a thousand ways. I have a few recipes that I stick to because I have somewhat mastered them.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cuddling and watching a movie and Fringe, tomorrow my plans include doing grocery shopping and Sunday, I want to catch up with my TV shows and write a blog post!

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